Route a la Carte: Santa Maria and the neighbourhood of La Ribera from its terraces

An unusual visit that allows us to discover the structural originality of this jewel of Catalan Gothic wandering the bowels of the buildings and walking through their roofs. Also we enjoy a new perspective about the old town of seafarers and we will finish the route with an aperitif in another spectacular terrace overlooking the harbour.

Barcelona en Viu - Santa MariaBarcelona en Viu - DomWe are in Plaça Santa Maria, central neighbourhood of La Ribera, who chairs the “Cathedral of the Sea”. It draws attention to its technical perfection and harmony, the visit today we can make to the terrace and the chorus allows us to solve some of these puzzles, such as avatars and misfortune that has suffered throughout its history: earthquakes, wars…

The terrace, a magnificent view of the neighbourhood and the port, gives us a new vision where we found some of the urban spaces and hidden buildings in the urban area, which then and once at ground level, we go to find discovering places like old ‘seca’ of coin operated until 1848, old local houses as the house Gispert, the first workshop of Picasso and his school ‘La Llotja’, etc.

We put an end to the route in the hotel terrace Dukes of Cardona. Next to the dome of the convent of the Merce and with breathtaking harbor views. A current view that has nothing to do with the Barcelona of the past and allows us to make a reflection on the Barcelona mercantile empire in the past and today’s Barcelona.


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