Route a la Carte: Farselona

We entered one of the most heated debates of recent years on tourism in Barcelona. The romantic forgery of the city and the deliberate creation of a brand image “the Gothic Quarter” carried out between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century.

The creation of this ideal historical centre, with the idea of ​​boosting tourism, was accompanied by the destruction of hundreds of authentic Gothic palaces, whose stones became the material for the construction of the new Gothic quarter, and the dismantling of the old neighbourhood Of the cathedral in order to open the Via Laietana to sanitize the historic centre and connect the new widening with the port.


In this route you will discover that more than 75% of the famous and famous Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is false: the house dels canonges, the facade of the cathedral, the square of San Felip Neri, the courtyard of the royal palace…

We will perform a visual and critical exercise to differentiate the true elements of Catalan Gothic from the false and through old photographs we will know those buildings that did not survive the purge.


In fact, this modification could have become much worse if the project of Joan Rubió and Bellver had been finalized. His idea was to demolish all modern buildings and rebuild them with towers, gargoyles and drawbridges, that is, with all possible medieval imagery. Luck wanted this project to be paralyzed, although there was a trace of it: we will know it.

In this guided cultural route we will discover that everything is not what it seems and that the limit between restoration and falsification is very fine … Do you sign up?