Route a la Carte: Castle of Santa Florentina

The castle of Santa Florentina is an old medieval building of the XIth century located in Canet de Mar), and is built on the floor of an old Roman fortification. In the sixteenth century, it passed into the hands of Dimas Muntaner, whose family ran it until the change of ownership in favor of the Capmany family, owners of the castle today.


In 1908 it was soothes of stay of Alfonso XIII, that granted to Ramon de Montaner i Vila the title of count of Canet. In 1910 it was enlarged and refurbished with an excellent modernist restoration work of the great architect Domènech i Montaner for a member of his own. Its facade contains some gargoyles made by the sculptor Carles Flotats i Galtés.

The final project is defined as a palace residence with medieval and romantic touches of castle in harmony with an aesthetic and creative modernist language. This reform inspired by medieval, modernist and neogothic elements gave greater renown to the Castle of Santa Florentina which was described by the prestigious Architectural Digest as one of the “most beautiful houses in the world”.


The denomination Castell de Santa Florentina gathers the inheritance of the relic brought from Rome by Ferrer de Canet as present and protection given by Pope Benedict XII and the memory of the wife of Ramon de Montaner, Florentina Malatto Suriñach.

In summary the castle of Santa Florentina is one of those castles that makes us think of the operas of Wagner. It was one of the stages chosen to shoot the popular Game of Thrones series representing Hill Horn, home of Tarly House, family of Samwell Tarly, besides being habitual center for the concerts of summer.