Route a la Carte: The ‘Indianos’ and the palaces of Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas, the center and walk are the stage and the mirror of the “Indians” or “American” on his return. On the route of the Indians we will make a tour of the main buildings and their interiors, discovering the valuable legacy of some of the most famous and also the history of these adventurers on their journey to the “Americas”.

The “Indians” were merchants who after making his fortune in the American colonies and returned to the city and invested their fortunes in the transformation of the capital. On this route we will discover their footprints in the architecture of the Catalan capital and its history.


Guided Cultural Route - Route Indianos - Moja Palace

Cultural Guided Tour

One of the first palaces to visit is the Palacio Moja who built the Marquis of Moja and later became the residence of the famous and controversial Indian Marqués de Comillas. Here he lived as protected Mosen Cinto Verdaguer celebrating daily Mass until he had a dispute with the church for his actions in some exorcisms.

Other examples of these footprints are the Palacio de la Virreina and the House or March Palace, just need to see the main facade of one of the two palaces to understand how these constructions of the new bourgeoisie transformed the city while demonstrating their aspiration to get the status of the traditional aristocracy. The March Palace, one of the most luxurious, was purchased for an exorbitant price for the period by an Indian known for his scandalous life, Thomas Ribalta i Serra, who starred with hacienda one of the most sound issues nineteenth century with its heritage.


cultural Guided tour - Route Indianos -Palace Moja

Beyond all comparison is the Palau Guell, commissioned by Eusebi Guell in order to enlarge their family residence with an absolutely stunning building. It opened in 1877 and became the first modernist building in Europe.