Route a la Carte: The Cau Ferrat and Palau Maricel, art temples Looking to Sea

The Cau Ferrat was much more than a home and studio of the charismatic Santiago Rusiñol, that is why also became a place of pilgrimage. The American millionaire Charles Deering had built next to the Cau, the Maricel palace,  to install its magnificent collections and also live in the sheltered from art and beauty.

cultural tour-route Palau Maricel

Cultural Guided Tour

On this route we go to Sitges which was “discovered” by Santiago Rusiñol who fell in love with its landscape, its people and the light and decided to make it his refuge. From here you organize the famous “Art Nouveau Parties” with theatrical performances, exhibitions, opera, music and dance that will attract many artists and intellectuals and power also art school Sitges.

This route wants to revive what it these events meant for Sitges, transforming a small fishing village beside the sea into an essential artistic center to understanding the Modernism.

We also visit the Cau Ferrat and Maricel museum that have been completely renovated after a lengthy rehabilitation, the part of the palace of the Deering family and magnificent terraces closed to the general public.