Route a la Carte: Shalom, the tragic story of Call

The Call of Barcelona was one of the most important Jewish neighborhoods of the peninsula during the Middle Ages, enjoying its peak at the end of segle XIV, just when it was destroyed. It shining culturally in fields such as art, philosophy, medicine or the mystical with its schools Kabbalah, transformed the city into a place of pilgrimage for scholars from around the world. Unfortunately, the neighborhood was massacred in the summer of 1391 and the few survivors who remained had to leave in 1492 because of the expulsion order issued by the Catholic Monarchs.

Cultural Guided Tour

Our tour aims to rescue from oblivion the history and also the intimate life of Barcelona’s Jewish quarter: their customs, political organization and its illustrious personages; following traces can still be found in the alleys of the old walled city.

shalom-sant culture-route visit Felip Neri
We reach the Plaça de Sant Felip Neri by the carrer de Montjuic. We visit the ancient synagogue discovered in the 80s but it is still documented since XI. Know the water well of the Jews, the noble houses expropriated to build the Palau de la Generalitat, the Hebrew funerary tombstone on which was the viceroy’s palace, the gate in the wall of the Call, the center Bonastruc …
Finally we also relive the scene of the massacre of August 5, 1931 and the sad episodes of the Spanish Inquisition in the Plaça del Rei.