Route a la Carte: PobleNou, the Catalan Manchester

This is the historic neighborhood that has undergone the most radical transformation in its urban fabric: from the industrialization of the nineteenth century, time when it was known as ” The Catalan Manchester ” to the recovery of the waterfront and the creation of 22@.

The arrival of the first Indians who settled in the neighborhood was the first highlight of industrialization that the neighborhood suffer during the nineteenth century. Thanks to the availability of land and water-and its proximity to the city of Barcelona- many textile, metallurgical, food industries were installed … The radical transformation of the landscape was responsible for the nickname of the English city with still know that area.

cultural tour-route poblenou-manchester catala

Cultural Guided Tour

We make a tour along the thousand and one details that hides the eventful history of the neighborhood: the memory of the “Icarian”, cooperatives, neighborhood of silver, the first city cemetery .. but mainly we will see how exceeded the challenge of the future with the restructuring of its industrial heritage and join the bandwagon of “smart city” without losing its character and authentic spirit of “neighborhood”. If during the nineteenth century Catalonia was considered the “locomotive of Spain” Poble Nou was said to be “Catalan Manchester”.
We will end the route as it should be: with an aperitif in one of the reconverted locals, the Balius.