Route a la Carte: History of Las Ramblas

About the Ramblas in Barcelona have written authors of all kinds, making it an emblematic ride and the most densely busy city, but few have offered such a sharp description like Quim Soler stating that “The Rambla is not an urban artery, the Rambla is a public vein where one goes to inject the city in the most venial part of our body: the look.”
With this Cultural guided tour we seek to discover what is not seen with the naked eye.

Cultural Guided Tour

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Our visit will start at Plaça de Catalunya, former border between the old town and the new, and go down different “ramblas”: Estudis, les Flors, … telling the story of the buildings and events that took place in each section.
Along the way we will find the former Academy of Sciences, most monumental palaces, the famous “Rovell de l’ou”, the Liceu with his circle, the old hotel ‘Oriente’ with its unknown convent cloister, … and many more items that will make this route an unforgettable experience.