Route a la Carte: Ecclesiastical palaces around the Cathedral, Ca l’Ardiaca

The Cathedral of Barcelona has been under the patronage of the Holy Cross from the sixth century, this means that under the current Gothic seo are the Roman and early Christian.
This monumental building occupies a privileged space in the oldest historical core of the city as a sign of its importance as a religious center but also as an economic and political center over the centuries.

Cultural Guided

Barcelona Cathedral church is surrounded by palaces among them we have to highlight the Palau del Bisbe. Which we will visit.

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We also visit one of the best preserved, built as a luxurious Renaissance palace by the arcadia and humanist Lluís Desplà; and after a series of adventures and misadventures houses since 1929 one of the richest archives of Barcelona: the city archive.
From Barcelona in Viu we managed to have exclusive access to the place and show us a part of the historical background file-usually closed to the public-when we make our routes.