Route a la Carte: Gaudí. The Enigma of the Colonia Güell and its crypt

We will discover why the Güell Colony was and remains as a city’s garden ideal. Our Gaudí route will allow us to visit an exceptionally private space: The old Mr. Güell farmhouse, renovated by Gaudi, and we will enjoy his masterpiece and his experimental laboratory of forms and acoustics: the Gaudí’s crypt.


The Colonia Güell

The tour in the industrial colony, a project of city garden, of modernist origin charms by its magic and peace in the environment conveying the atmosphere of the nineteenth century. Currently in Colonia Güell an important artistic heritage is preserved.gaudí route - masia guell

There can be seen the buildings created by the modernist architects of the time. We will have the opportunity to visit a private space, the old farmhouse of Mrs. Güell, Can Soler de la Torre. An old farmhouse of the seventeenth century, used as residence of the Güell ‘s family from before the building of the colony and which was renovated by Gaudí.


The Gaudí’s Crypt

In 1898, Eusebi Güell commissioned Antoni Gaudí to design a church for the textile colony. Unfortunately the project was not completed, because in 1914, the Güell family informed Gaudí that they would not continue funding the work and the project was abandoned. In November of the following year, the Barcelona’s bishop commemorated the lower nave, the only one that was never finished, which would give name to the the church as Gaudí’s crypt.

gaudi route - gaudi crypt

In spite of being unfinished, the church was declared UNESCO’s World Heritage in 2005, and means a high point in Gaudí’s life works. This building includes nearly all of his architectural innovations. As Gaudí himself said:  if he had finished, the crypt it would have been “a monumental model of the Holy Family Cathedral”.

To discover the exceptional acoustics of the crypt we enjoy a surprise. We will listen fragments of the same music that accompanied Gaudí while he would work there.


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