Companies and Other Groups

Barcelona en Viu - companies and other groups

Barcelona en viu offers you a distinctive service and professionality in all of its historic-artistical projects. Turning cultural tourism into a personally vivid experience.

All along our 20 years of experience, “Barcelona en Viu” has designed many cultural routes attending to the different interests on demand: music, architecture, medicine, science, etc… We have, as well, designed special cultural tours for universitary students, conference-guests, tourists and Barcelona inhabitants who wanted to quench their personal interests with an original service.

We formulate most effective solutions for company teams- such as coffee breaks, company bonuses and courtesy itineraries for clients or costumers.

We can as well design a route including a restaurant’s menu, unique and memorable for our customers and with the guarantee of being attended by the best professionals. If you are interested you can download our catalog.