About BeV

Ana Sendra - directora de Barcelona en Viu

Management and promotion of classical routes, new events in the cultural activity of Barcelona and especialist personal-guide tour in new cultural routes.

Historical reasearcher, artistic and relationship with past and current artistic elements.

Expedition affiliations and collaboratives between Barcelona Viu and other businesses and individuals.

Guide of special routes, a la carte, for little groups and businesses.

Barcelona en viu, aims to make available to the public not only historical past but urban cultural development and show the permanent and temporary art forms that exist or are held in the city of Barcelona and surroundings.

This is articulated in different thematic programs of the season, or a custom program chosen by the customer, always intended for small groups to create a fuller and deeper insight into the history of the city.

The artistic events in the city today are present with many exhibitions and shows. Barcelona en viu take a selection of the most interesting and unreleased each season.

Traditional routes, historical urban neighborhoods with their own achitectural story and people and monographic issue routes: the Indians and industry, Freemasonry in Barcelona, Modernism, the secrets of mountain of Montserrat...

"The aim of Barcelona live stream is to enjoy the art and history from a new perspective living the adventure on one's own skin. More than a History school class, sitting in a Chair... we want you to experience an exciting journey to the essence of a street, of the history... we want you to live the same thrill that the artist who painted the picture. Barcelona has a thousand secrets. Worth living."

Ana Sendra, Director and foundress of Barcelona en Viu